Benefits Of Being An MWQA Member

The MWQA is a non-profit organization whose members are professionals providing water quality improvement services and equipment throughout Minnesota.

Choosing to become a member of the MWQA gives you the following advantages:

  • Professional that is certified by the national Water Quality Association or has had ample experience in the industry
  • Has a contractor’s license or a city business license
  • Is usually a part of the local business community with memberships in such organizations as the Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau
  • Is a member in good standing with the Minnesota Water Quality Association (MWQA) and in most cases also the National Water Quality Association (WQA)
  • Can provide you with product warranty information
  • Can provide the means to determine that your equipment is operating properly
  • Will provide instructions on the care of your equipment and how to get maintenance
  • Access to proposed and ongoing legislation through MWQA’s contacts with the Department of Labor and Industry.  Members serve as a unified voice in government and public relations.
  • Participation in the MWQA’s website, including a membership listing and link to your company’s webpage.  Consumers utilize the MWQA’s site to learn more about treating their water, and this can lead them right to your door.   Listing your dealership on our site gives you more exposure.
  • Opportunities for continuing education through seminars and workshops pertaining to the water quality improvement industry, including annual seminars to help prepare for the state water conditioning contractors’ and installers’ license exams.
  • Informative newsletter to let you know of changes in the industry and of upcoming events.
  • Assistance with public relations, news releases and advertising.

Download MWQA Benefits and Services pdf.

If you are not yet a member and would like to join the MWQA, submit your MWQA membership application now.

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And, if you are a member of the MWQA already but would like to become a member of the National WQA, visit the national WQA’s webpage at