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October Convention Registration Forms Available

Interested in getting credit to renew your state license?   Want to get on the certification path through the national WQA?  You can do it all at the MWQA Convention this fall!

October 11-12, 2017 are the dates selected for the upcoming MWQA Annual Convention.  We will return again to the Holiday Inn in Lakeville, Minnesota, for our event.

Our event will feature a vendor fair and banquet, national WQA testing session, a WQA certification class, several informative seminars, and an opportunity to take the exam for your state license.

Among the presentations:

  •  “Wastewater Recovery & Reuse Technologies” presented by Peter Cartwright
  •  “RO Basics & Troubleshooting” presented by Bill Loyd
  •  “Ion Exchange Resins” presented by Carl Galletti
  •  “Minnesota Plumbing Code Update” presented by IAPMO representatives
  •  “Water Treatment Fundamentals” presented by Kimberly Redden of WQA
  •  “Legal Issues for Business” and a second Code class may be offered, if time allows.

Registration forms are available here.

Annual Convention Will Feature License Exams

This year’s convention will feature an opportunity to take the exam for state plumbing and water conditioning licenses.  The exam session is scheduled for Wednesday morning, October 11, beginning at 7:30 a.m.   Advance registration is required through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.   To apply for the Individual Water Conditioning License, follow this link:  Water Conditioning Personal License Application

Applications for the exam must be submitted to the state no later than August 31, 2017.  There are a limited number of seats available at the October 11 testing session, so it is recommended you register early.

The study guide for the test is the new Minnesota Plumbing Code, published by IAPMO, and available through the state bookstore for $98.  To purchase online, follow this link:


Minnesota Gov. Dayton Signs Water Conditioning Bill

Governor Dayton has signed MWQA’s legislation into law!   This means commercial installations by water conditioning contractors will be allowed beginning July 1 of this year, in accordance with language passed by the Minnesota legislature.  Mark Haase, MWQA lobbyist, reported that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed the Water Conditioning legislation along with all the funding bills to run the state government agencies – except the legislature.   The language had been rolled into SF 1937 – the Omnibus Jobs, Commerce, Energy, Labor and Industry, and Employment and Economic Development Appropriations Bill.  The bill was presented to the Governor and vetoed on May 15, then became part of last minute negotiations between the Republican Legislature and the Governor.    The Republicans removed some of the policy directives that they had placed in the bill and it passed just before the end of the regular session, on May 22.

The terms have been in negotiation for years with the Department of Labor and Industry, the Pipe Trades Association and the Minnesota Mechanical Contractors Association.  The full language of the bill clarifies and improves a number of issues in statutes regarding water conditioning contractors.

  • Installations can be performed in commercial settings when a bypass has been installed by a plumber and piping is 2” or less.
  • New employees can work on installations after signing with DLI as “registered unlicensed individuals.” This allows them to get experience and puts them on the way to a Journeymen’s License.
  • Clarifies the supervision needed for these new employees.

MWQA will be preparing detailed information on the impact of the legislation and sending it to those in the industry.  The bill will also be presented and discussed at the MWQA Annual Meeting & Conference in October.  Dealers are encouraged to know the limitations and the allowances of the new statutes, so that they may operate within the law and educate employees, customers and building officials.

The three-year lobbying effort was expensive and consumed the time of many on the MWQA Board of Directors.  Significant financial contributions were received from large and small water conditioning dealers as well as national manufacturers.  MWQA extends a gracious thank-you to all those who supported our efforts, both financially and as volunteers.

Along with MWQA Directors, the Lobbying and negotiation was handled by MWQA’s long term law firm, Gray Plant Mooty; their Principal Tom Johnson; and lobbyist Mark Haase.  Mr. Johnson has assisted MWQA for many years and served as Hennepin County Attorney for twelve years and served two terms on the Minneapolis City Council.  Mr. Haase has lobbied at the Minnesota legislature for ten years and is well known at the Capital.

The bill’s chief authors were Representative Dave Baker of Willmar and Senator Karin Housley of Stillwater.


2016 MWQA Convention Presentations Available For Download

MWQA’s 2016 convention included several educational presentations, as well as the National WQA’s Fundamentals Course, which is the second step in the Modular Education Program.  Attendees with Minnesota water conditioning licenses were able to obtain all the credits needed to renew their license, and those with Wisconsin licenses were also granted credit.  In addition, attendees were given the opportunity to earn PEX certification cards at a presentation by Viega, and heard from Charlie Durenberger of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.

Here is a list of speakers along with a link to their presentations.

Scott Schiesser, “Introduction to Water Filtration.”

Mike Herman, “Minnesota Plumbing Code Regulations.”

Scott Schiesser, “Introduction to Water Softening.”

Matt Palmersten, “UV Basics and Design.”

Sara Heger, University of Minnesota,“Salt and Chloride Discharge Effects on Minnesota Waters.”


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12717321_1107423542610913_5793635892903432005_nMinnesota Approves Plumbing Code

The 2015 Minnesota Plumbing Code, Chapter 4714, took effect Jan. 23, 2016. The code incorporates by reference the 2012 edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code with Minnesota amendments and replaces the old Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4715.

*The detailed version of the Minnesota Plumbing Code linked above is available here for your convenience. However, the Office of the Revisor of Statutes publishes the official codes.

Changes to State License Exams

Testing for Water Conditioning exams now takes place several times throughout the year and at several locations in Minnesota. Tests are no longer given twice a year. Click on the links below to find the exam dates and locations that will work for you. You can also schedule your exam online.

Licensure Exam Schedule
License Exam Application