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MWQA Sets Date for Annual Convention

October 11-12, 2017 are the dates selected for the upcoming MWQA Annual Convention.  We will return again to the Holiday Inn in Lakeville, Minnesota, for our event.

Last year’s convention featured a vendor fair, speakers from the State Department of Labor and Industry, and a variety of credit-earning seminars.  The 2017 event will feature much of the same.

Charlie Durenberger of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s Continuing Education and Licensing Division spoke in 2016, outlining the requirements for Registered Unlicensed Plumber, Water Conditioning Journeyman, Water Conditioning Master, and Water Conditioning Contractor.  His presentation is available here.

Durenberger stressed the importance of businesses securing and maintaining the Water Conditioning Contractor (business) license in Minnesota, as there are still some companies doing business without the Contractor license.  Obtaining a Contractor license requires several steps, including securing a bond, liability and workers’ compensation insurance, as well as having a Water Conditioning Master on staff.

The Department is willing to assist people in getting the proper licenses and has extended an open invitation to those who are not properly licensed, even going to far as to suggest businesses will not be penalized for operating without the proper license if they contact the Department for assistance.  However, this will most likely not be the case indefinitely, and Durenberger asked that unlicensed businesses contact his office for help as soon as possible.

License applications are available on the Department’s website.  To apply for the Individual Water Conditioning License, follow this link:  Water Conditioning Personal License Application

To apply for the Water Conditioning Contractor license follow this link:
Water Conditioning Contractor Application

2016 MWQA Convention Presentations                  Available For Download

MWQA’s 2016 convention included several educational presentations, as well as the National WQA’s Fundamentals Course, which is the second step in the Modular Education Program.  Attendees with Minnesota water conditioning licenses were able to obtain all the credits needed to renew their license, and those with Wisconsin licenses were also granted credit.  In addition, attendees were given the opportunity to earn PEX certification cards at a presentation by Viega, and heard from Charlie Durenberger of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.

Here is a list of speakers along with a link to their presentations.

Scott Schiesser, “Introduction to Water Filtration.”

Mike Herman, “Minnesota Plumbing Code Regulations.”

Scott Schiesser, “Introduction to Water Softening.”

Matt Palmersten, “UV Basics and Design.”

Sara Heger, University of Minnesota,“Salt and Chloride Discharge Effects on Minnesota Waters.”


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12717321_1107423542610913_5793635892903432005_nMinnesota Approves Plumbing Code

The 2015 Minnesota Plumbing Code, Chapter 4714, took effect Jan. 23, 2016. The code incorporates by reference the 2012 edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code with Minnesota amendments and replaces the old Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4715.

*The detailed version of the Minnesota Plumbing Code linked above is available here for your convenience. However, the Office of the Revisor of Statutes publishes the official codes.

Changes to State License Exams

Testing for Water Conditioning exams now takes place several times throughout the year and at several locations in Minnesota. Tests are no longer given twice a year. Click on the links below to find the exam dates and locations that will work for you. You can also schedule your exam online.

Licensure Exam Schedule
License Exam Application