Minnesota State Fair

Take Advantage of Our State Fair Special – Save 50% on a Water Softener Inspection & Optimization

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Nearly 85 percent of American homes suffer the effects of hard water, including spotting on glasses and fixtures, dry skin, dull hair, dingy clothing and scale buildup on plumbing and appliances. Water softeners can help to eliminate these effects. But they also have one major drawback. Salt-based ion-exchange water softeners produce and discharge chloride into our environment. High levels of chloride are toxic to fish and aquatic creatures.

This softener salt pollution can be reduced if equipment is used properly and efficiently. In just about 30 minutes, a water treatment professional can measure the hardness of your water, check your system, explain softener operation and provide water conservation tips. Use the map below to find and contact your local Minnesota Water Quality Association member. Our coupon discount will be honored for visits scheduled August 23 to October 31, 2018.

Read more about salt pollution on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website.