Minnesota Department of Health Resources for Noncommunity Water Supply Systems

The noncommunity drinking water unit of the Minnesota Department of Health often works with water conditioning contractors in Minnesota when water treatment is being installed in public water supplies. In order to better communicate what noncommunity public water systems need to do when they are considering installing or modifying treatment, storage, or other water supply structures, the Department has updated several documents on its website, which you can access below.

noncommunity public water supply provides water to the public in places other than their homes—where people work, gather and play. There are around 6,000 supplies in Minnesota. Examples are some campgrounds and resorts, schools, day cares, factories. Specifics are available on the Department of Health’s website under Plan Review for Noncommunity Systems.

Updates and new documents include:

·         An all-new (to the web) Water Treatment Plan Submittal Form, used for anything from iron filters to reverse osmosis.

·         Two treatment forms for Surface Water Treatment and GWUDI and Contaminated Groundwater Disinfection, which ask specific questions related to compliance with the Surface Water Treatment Rule.

·         A Plan Submittal Cover letter for projects that don’t fall into the above categories (such as well houses and storage tanks), or for people submitting plans for the projects above using other methods than the forms.

·         A Plan Review Guidance Table, going into detail specific projects which require review and if an engineer is required.

Minnesota Rules 4720.0010 require that systems of water supply for public use or for a considerable number of persons cannot be installed, altered, or extended until complete plans and specifications are approved by the commissioner of health.