The Minnesota Water
Quality Association (MWQA)

The Minnesota Water Quality Association is a statewide trade association representing the household, commercial and industrial water quality improvement industry. MWQA sees its role as a catalyst to constantly upgrade the standards of the water treatment industry and the qualifications of its members. It does this primarily through its continuing education, certification and ethics programs. MWQA members pledge to abide by the associations’ strict industry Code of Ethics.

The MWQA assists consumers by providing information about water quality alternatives. Consumer questions are answered by the MWQA office daily. In addition, educational brochures and pamphlets are available along with a list of MWQA members throughout the state.

If you are a consumer looking to purchase a water conditioning system, contact the MWQA for information about different types of systems. And remember to utilize MWQA members when making your purchase or rental decision.

Consumer Information

If you have questions about water treatment systems or would like information about questions you should ask when selecting a water professional visit our consumer assistance section to learn the advantages of choosing an MWQA member to treat your water needs.

Member Information

The MWQA is a non-profit organization whose members are professionals providing water quality improvement services and equipment throughout Minnesota.

Learn the benefits of joining MWQA.


Read the latest MWQA newsletter here.  Find out what issues MWQA is working on right now, such as:

  • Governor Walz’s original proposal called for the option of removing softeners in homes.  MWQA was able to get this language changed.
  • The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is asking for the public’s input on chloride discharge issues.
  • Now is the time for you to get involved with MWQA!  We can assist with ethics issues, licensing questions, and credits to retain your license.





You’ve probably heard a lot about chloride discharge and its effect on Minnesota lakes and rivers.  How are the chloride discharge limits affecting residents and businesses with water softeners?

Read more about chloride discharge here.

The MWQA Annual Convention is scheduled for October 1-2 in Alexandria, Minnesota.  Registration forms for the classes, vendor fair, and golf outing are available on the News & Events page.