Consumer Information

The MWQA assists consumers by providing information about water quality alternatives. Consumer questions are answered by the MWQA office daily. In addition, educational brochures and pamphlets are available along with a list of MWQA members throughout the state.

If you are a consumer looking to purchase a water conditioning system, contact the MWQA for information about different types of systems. And remember to utilize MWQA members when making your purchase or rental decision. They abide by a Code of Ethics promoted by the national Water Quality Association and are here to help you with your decision.

Choosing a member of the MWQA gives you the following advantages:

  • Professional that is a “Certified Water Specialist” (issued by the WQA) or has had ample experience in the industry
  • Has a contractor’s license or a city business license
  • Is usually a part of the local business community with memberships in such organizations as the Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau
  • Is a member in good standing with the Minnesota Water Quality Association (MWQA) and in most cases also the National Water Quality Association (WQA)
  • Can provide you with product warranty information
  • Can provide the means to determine that your equipment is operating properly
  • Will provide instructions on the care of your equipment and how to get maintenance

Find a list of MWQA members in good standing by clicking the “Members” tab at the top of this page. For questions or clarifications please feel free to consult an Officer and/or Board Of Directors member.

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