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Benefits Of Being An MWQA Member

The MWQA is a non-profit organization whose members are professionals providing water quality improvement services and equipment throughout Minnesota.


Choosing to become a member of the MWQA gives you the following advantages:

  • Professional that is a “Certified Water Specialist” (issued by the WQA) or has had ample experience in the industry
  • Has a contractor’s license or a city business license, and employs licensed Water Conditioning Master or Journeyman employees
  • Is usually a part of the local business community with memberships in such organizations as the Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau
  • Is a member in good standing with the Minnesota Water Quality Association (CWQA) and in most cases also the National Water Quality Association (WQA)
  • Can provide you with product warranty information
  • Can provide the means to determine that your equipment is operating properly
  • Will provide instructions on the care of your equipment and how to get maintenance

If you are not yet a member and would like to join the MWQA, download the current MWQA Application.